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Copyright and Distribution Terms

Version 1.1
Materials of [ TERRORIUM ] ("Materials”), include audio (e.g. songs, music, samples), video, lyrics and texts, created by members of [ TERRORIUM ] project.
All rights reserved. These terms are applicable only to [ TERRORIUM ] materials being distributed via Internet.
By the form of distribution [ TERRORIUM ] materials can include:
a. free – distributed for free
b. paid - distributed for a fee
c. The same Material, e.g. a song, can be distributed in a form of files (i.e. an mp3). That is: one file can be distributed for free, while the other file can be offered for a fee; In this case, the Terms are applied only to the files themselves, but not to the music, lyrics, etc.
1. It is allowed to copy free Materials for non-commercial use; for example for private listening and viewing, preview and criticism.
2. Distribution (publication) of [ TERRORIUM ] free materials:
2.1. Distribution is welcome, in a form of links to the official web-site - http://terrorium.com, or right to a Material’s page. I.e. for the single "K.M.S.” link to http://terrorium.ucoz.com/load/music/singles/terrorium_k_m_s_parts_1_2_3_release/5-1-0-15
2.2. Free Materials, published at web-site terrorium.com (terrorium.ucoz.ru, terrorium.ucoz.com) can be distributed only for free (non commercial basis) and with mandatory link to the site http://terrorium.com or to the corresponding page (see 2.1 above)
3. Use of [ TERRORIUM ] materials in creative amateur projects like video clips on Youtube, Vimeo etc, collages, is allowed only for non commercial projects.
For all other uses of the Materials and associated matters, please write to our email via http://terrorium.ucoz.com/index/0-3.
All rights reserved. [ TERRORIUM ]
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